• Teeth Looking A Little Discolored? 4 Things You Should Know About Whitening Treatments

    If you're like most people, you've probably looked at your teeth and wished they were a shade or two whiter. You might not know that as you age, you're teeth lose a lot of their shine. In fact, teeth can dull a full shade every ten years. Before you start whitening your teeth, there are some things you should know. Not Everyone Should Whiten Their Teeth While whitening your teeth is a safe procedure, it shouldn't be done by everyone.
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  • Dispelling Dental Myths You May Have Heard

    Your dental health is an important part of both your quality of life and appearance, but there are many problems that teeth can develop over the course of a lifetime. While dentists have the ability to correct many of these issues, some patients have the need for answers to two common questions. Answers to these questions will help make you a better patient the next time you need dental care. 
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  • 2 Tips For Flossing With Braces

    While your orthodontist will tell you that keeping up with regular brushing and flossing while wearing braces is critical, this advice cannot prepare you for the first time you to try to floss your teeth after getting braces. Flossing without braces is simple enough — you systemically work one piece of floss around your gum lines to clear away plaque and food debris. With braces, however, the floss must be carefully inserted under and around the wires in the spaces in-between your teeth.
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