Pediatric Dental Crowns

Posted on: 7 June 2017

If your child needs to have restorative dental work, a dental crown may be used during the treatment process. A crown provides fortification for a tooth that has been compromised by a large cavity or other trauma. Although a filling may be used to replace a portion of the missing tooth material, it may not offer adequate protection or structural support.

A crown can protect a treated tooth from bacterial invasion and fortify the natural tooth crown to help ensure that the tooth can withstand normal amounts of bite pressure. Here are a few types of dental crowns that are often used to treat pediatric dental issues:

Stainless Steel Crowns

A stainless steel crown, which is usually the most affordable crown option,  is commonly used for primary teeth. The color of the stainless steel crown does not detract from its effectiveness. Additionally, the dark color of the crown is often of little significance because a primary or baby tooth will be eventually shed. Once the tooth detaches from the mouth, the crown is also removed from the oral cavity. 

Stainless crowns are also used for permanent back teeth since the molars are not easily visible.

The stainless crown offers great protection for the tooth due to the strength of the steel. In addition, the crown can be placed without requiring an impression of the mouth. Thus, your child can receive a stainless crown during one dental visit. Also, the stainless steel is not very abrasive to the enamel of adjacent teeth.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns may be offered for kids who need restorative work on permanent teeth that can easily be seen as the child smiles or speaks. The crown can be colored to match the color of a child's other teeth so that the device looks natural. 

Zirconia crowns, like their stainless steel counterparts, do not require a mold or impression of the mouth. They are premade and can be placed during a single appointment. Zirconia crowns, which are biocompatible and free of metal,  are great options for kids who may be allergic to metallic substances. 

Porcelain-over-metal Crowns

Porcelain-over-metal crowns, or veneered stainless crowns, include a stainless steel base that is covered by porcelain. A crown with a stainless base is sometimes preferred over an all-porcelain device because the porcelain can be abrasive to the underlying tooth material over time. 

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