Is Orthodontic Treatment Turning Into A Family Affair? 3 Strategies For Handling Multiple People In Your Household With Braces

Posted on: 30 November 2017

Today, it is not uncommon for several people in the same family to need orthodontic treatment at the same time. After all, more adults are getting braces now that new options such as plastic aligners make it possible to straighten teeth without attracting too much attention, and many families have children who fall within the same range of ages when adult teeth start growing in. While it can get a little crazy have so much metal in the house, it is possible to keep everyone on track with their treatment plan by using these simple strategies.

Use Strategic Scheduling

Typically, orthodontic treatment begins with frequent appointments that occur every one to two weeks and slowly spread out as you move into your final stages of maintenance. For older kids, you might find it easier to schedule everyone's appointments for the same day so that you only have to make one trip every week or two. Alternatively, you may prefer to have separate appointments if one of your family members finds it hard to wait very long in the office. Work with your dental office to create a schedule that fits your family's needs. Even simple things such as making an appointment on the same day each week helps you avoid forgetting when someone needs to go.

Plan Your Menus Carefully

If your family members wear traditional braces or retainers, then it may be necessary to make a few changes to the menu. For instance, you may need to cook vegetables until they are soft rather than serve them while they are still crunchy. Review the list of acceptable and prohibited foods that your orthodontic team provides, and stick to a menu that helps prevent emergencies such as broken wires or brackets.

Set Up a Hygiene Station

Orthodontic care also means that everyone needs to pay strict attention to hygiene to make sure that those pearly whites are bright when the appliances come off. Talk to your family's orthodontist to find out about ways to make cleaning around wires easier such as using a water flosser, and set up a space in the bathroom to hold everyone's supplies. From designating a space for one kid's plastic aligners to establishing a place for the other one's rubberbands, staying organized makes sure that everyone has what they need to comply with their hygiene and treatment plan.

A family that straightens their teeth together has a great opportunity to bond, and those family photos will certainly show that the effort was worth it when everyone is able to smile with confidence. Although you can expect a few small challenges, they can all be overcome by making your family's orthodontic care a priority. Contact a clinic, like Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP, for more help.