Dealing With Large Cavities That Are Painful

Posted on: 9 November 2017

A mouth that is full of teeth that have cavities is one of the worse feelings to deal with, as it can interfere with daily activities due to the misery if causes. You can experience unbearable amounts of pain from the cavities until the nerves die. Do you have cavities in several of your teeth that are large and painful? Large cavities means that there is a lot of enamel damaged, and it is also possible that the pulp chamber in each tooth is exposed. Browse through the information in this article to learn how a dentist can resolve your dental problem in a satisfactory manner.

Examine Your Teeth for Pulp Chamber Exposure

There are chambers in each of your teeth that contains pulp. Basically, the pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels that can be exposed when cavities are severe. The extent of pain that you have been experiencing might be due to the nerves being exposed from tooth decay. If any of your tooth chambers are exposed, the dentist will likely recommend that root canals are performed. He or she will then be able to removed the pulp that is causing problems, such as if it has become diseased from exposure to bacteria.

Decide if Extracting Any Teeth is Ideal

Depending on the amount of decay, it might be wise to get a few teeth extracted. For example, a tooth that doesn't have much enamel left is probably better off being removed. Don't try to hang on to damaged teeth because you don't like the idea of having empty spaces in your gums. Extracting damaged teeth will set you free from the pain that they cause. You can always replace the teeth, such as with dental implants.

Explain How Dental Implants Can Be Helpful

If you get any of your teeth extracted and want to replace them, a dentist can provide all of the information that you need about dental implants. He or she will thoroughly explain how the implants are one of the most natural methods of replacing natural teeth with artificial ones. Implants are usually constructed of titanium, and can successfully act as roots for artificial teeth. The implants will actually become a part of your natural bones and can provide stimulation for them to grow. when you get implants and artificial teeth, they will never decay away and cause you pain like the cavities in your natural teeth.