What's Going On With Your Crown? How To Cope With A Few Common Dental Crown Issues

Posted on: 23 March 2021

Once in place, dental crowns look and feel natural and may last for years with little to no maintenance. These relatively trouble-free dental enhancements could raise concerns for some, however, as time goes on. Here are some common dental crown issues that may need to be brought to the attention of your dentist right away. A Visible Black Line Having a black line that appears at the top (or bottom) of your crown near the gum line is common with some crowns.
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Do Your Wisdom Teeth Require a Coronectomy?

Posted on: 17 February 2021

The wisdom tooth is an irritating evolutionary throwback. They once served a function, but as the human diet has changed over the millennia, they're now just an inconvenience. It's an inconvenience that is usually remedied with surgical wisdom teeth extraction, and while this is a straightforward procedure, it's still a significant procedure. However, depending on the root system beneath the wisdom tooth, standard extraction can be unwise. This doesn't mean that your wisdom teeth can be left in place.
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Can You Fix An Underbite Without Surgery?

Posted on: 30 December 2020

If you have an underbite, meaning that your upper jaw sits behind your lower jaw, then you may have heard that correcting this issue would require extensive jaw surgery. The idea of undergoing surgery is, of course, a bit scary. Here's some good news: there may be other options. While the most severe underbites can typically only be corrected surgically, mild to moderate underbites can often be treated or managed by a cosmetic dentist.
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Tips To Remember Following Your Dental Implants Procedure

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Deciding to finally get dental implants is a great way to improve your life. You will smile with more confidence and be able to talk to people without feeling self-aware. Eating will also likely become easier or less painful if you currently have missing or decayed teeth that will be replaced. That said, while you have all of these things to look forward to, the first few days or weeks after the dental implant procedure will require some adjustment and self-care.
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