What Dental Problems Are Most Common In Children?

Posted on: 14 September 2021

Early dental care for young children is crucial to good oral health. Healthy teeth at a young age can help prevent more problematic issues as your child grows into adulthood. For children, there are some issues that are more commonly experienced than others. The following are some of the most common dental issues seen in kids that you need to be aware of: 1. Decay Decay in children's teeth is one of the more common issues seen by dentists.
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The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

Posted on: 2 August 2021

Dental implants are the only permanent option for replacing missing teeth. Mini dental implants are a recent development in implant technology that improves traditional implants in several ways. This guide will introduce the benefits of mini dental implants to help you decide if they are the right tooth replacement option for you. Fast Placement Standard dental implants consist of a titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone and an abutment that attaches to the post and erupts through the gums.
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Six Problems You Can Avoid By Choosing Dental Implants As A Solution For Missing Teeth

Posted on: 25 June 2021

Dental implants are a great solution for those with missing teeth because they help prevent a lot of problems. It's important that patients with missing or severely damaged teeth understand the many ways that dental implants can make it easier for them to maintain and improve their dental health.  The following are six problems you can avoid by choosing dental implants as a solution for replacing missing teeth.  Having teeth that look imperfect or unnatural
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Are Dental Implants Uncomfortable Like Other Teeth Replacements Can Be?

Posted on: 11 May 2021

Losing a tooth isn't something that anyone wants to go through. Thankfully, people have many options for replacing one or more missing teeth these days. However, if you're trying to decide between dental implants and something else like dentures or bridges, you may be curious if they could be uncomfortable. If you're worried about your comfort level, here's what you should know about these three teeth replacements and how dental implants fare against dentures and bridges.
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