The Importance Of Early Oral Exams For Infants And Toddlers

Posted on: 5 April 2023

If you have a child, you may have heard that establishing good oral health habits early is crucial. Additionally, detecting potential problems early is essential for your child's dental future.

If you're still on the fence about setting up an oral exam for your infant or toddler, here are some reasons why you should definitely consider it.

Oral Exams Are Important Before the First Tooth Appears

Most parents don't think of taking their children to the dentist until they start sprouting teeth. But it's important to have your baby's mouth checked before any teeth appear.

Once teeth have appeared, an oral exam can detect signs of early tooth decay, which is especially important if the child was born prematurely. Additionally, an early examination can identify any potential genetic or physical issues that could affect dental development.

Pediatric dentists can also identify developmental issues early. For example, a pediatric dentist might notice a problem with the child's bite or the alignment of their teeth, which could be addressed early to avoid more significant issues later down the line.

Early Exams Can Help Teach Healthy Habits

Getting your infant or toddler used to going to the dentist can help establish healthy habits for their future. This includes teaching them how to take care of their teeth and gums, such as brushing and flossing properly.

You'll also learn how to get help for any dental issues that may already be coming up, like a child who fusses when you brush his gums, for instance.

Early Exams Prevent Fear

Early exams for children help them get used to the dental office before they become fearful. In fact, early exams can help reduce anxiety. Your child can begin to associate the dentist with a positive experience, rather than one of fear.

Early Exams Focus on Education & Prevention

A pediatric dentist can provide parents with advice on how to clean their child's gums and teeth properly, what to expect as their child's teeth come in, and how to manage any teething discomfort.

By teaching parents how to best take care of their child's oral health and by providing preventative treatments, such as fluoride varnishes or sealants, the pediatric dentist can help reduce dental problems in the future.

Schedule an Oral Exam for Your Infant or Toddler Today

Don't wait for problems to arise. Schedule an oral exam for your infant or toddler. This is the best way to ensure they get the best dental care and start off on the right foot with a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Reach out to a local pediatric dentist to learn more.