• Are Dental Implants Uncomfortable Like Other Teeth Replacements Can Be?

    Losing a tooth isn't something that anyone wants to go through. Thankfully, people have many options for replacing one or more missing teeth these days. However, if you're trying to decide between dental implants and something else like dentures or bridges, you may be curious if they could be uncomfortable. If you're worried about your comfort level, here's what you should know about these three teeth replacements and how dental implants fare against dentures and bridges.
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  • What's Going On With Your Crown? How To Cope With A Few Common Dental Crown Issues

    Once in place, dental crowns look and feel natural and may last for years with little to no maintenance. These relatively trouble-free dental enhancements could raise concerns for some, however, as time goes on. Here are some common dental crown issues that may need to be brought to the attention of your dentist right away. A Visible Black Line Having a black line that appears at the top (or bottom) of your crown near the gum line is common with some crowns.
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  • Do Your Wisdom Teeth Require a Coronectomy?

    The wisdom tooth is an irritating evolutionary throwback. They once served a function, but as the human diet has changed over the millennia, they're now just an inconvenience. It's an inconvenience that is usually remedied with surgical wisdom teeth extraction, and while this is a straightforward procedure, it's still a significant procedure. However, depending on the root system beneath the wisdom tooth, standard extraction can be unwise. This doesn't mean that your wisdom teeth can be left in place.
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