Why Use Invisalign Braces To Fix Crowded Teeth?

Posted on: 31 August 2022

If you have some dental crowding, then you might not like the way your teeth look. You might also have some dental problems because of the way your teeth sit in your mouth.

Crowded teeth often overlap each other, so they are hard to clean and more prone to dental problems such as decay. If you can't clean the whole surface of a tooth, it won't stay healthy.

While regular braces can fix crowding problems, you can sometimes also use Invisalign braces. How do these braces work on crowded teeth? What are the benefits of using them?

How Does Invisalign Fix Crowding?

Invisalign braces work like regular braces in many ways. In crowding terms, they can straighten teeth and move them into their correct positions if they are crooked or pushed out of place.

Unlike regular fixed braces, these invisible braces use removable trays. You wear these trays most of the time; however, you take them out to eat and clean your teeth.

You also change your trays every few weeks. Each new tray does a certain amount of bracing work. Once a tray has done its job, you switch to a new one to move on to the next stage of treatment.

If you have dental crowding, then each tray you wear will move your problem teeth slightly. For example, a tray might bring a tooth forward, move it back, or shift it to the side. These movements build up as you use more trays to eliminate your crowding and to create room for your teeth to sit straight and flat.

Why Use Invisalign to Fix Crowded Teeth?

All Invisalign users share some benefits. For example, these braces are virtually invisible. Plus, you don't have to wear trays all the time. You won't have to find ways to eat comfortably or modify your diet. You simply take your trays out when you eat.

On a specific level, an Invisalign treatment can be an effective way of fixing crowded teeth. You'll see results early in your treatment. Each tray makes some movements.

Plus, regular braces can be hard to fix on to crowded teeth that don't have enough room for conventional fixed posts. You'll also find it harder to clean crowded teeth when you wear fixed braces. It's hard enough to clean in crowded areas without having to worry about cleaning around your braces as well.

If you use an Invisalign treatment, then you'll find it easier to keep your teeth in good shape. You clean your teeth as normal when you take your trays out. Plus, as your treatment progresses, you'll be able to access areas of your teeth that your toothbrush couldn't reach before, so you'll reduce the chances of developing decay during your treatment.

To find out if Invisalign can solve your crowding problem, ask your dentist for advice.