Tips To Remember Following Your Dental Implants Procedure

Posted on: 23 November 2020

Deciding to finally get dental implants is a great way to improve your life. You will smile with more confidence and be able to talk to people without feeling self-aware. Eating will also likely become easier or less painful if you currently have missing or decayed teeth that will be replaced. That said, while you have all of these things to look forward to, the first few days or weeks after the dental implant procedure will require some adjustment and self-care. Here are some important tips to remember immediately following your procedure.

Stick to Softer Foods and Break Them Up Before You Begin to Eat

Dental implants are fused right into your jawbone and you'll be able to chew like normal soon enough. But your jawbone will need to heal while the implants settle in. In the meantime, it's a good idea not to eat anything that would put too much pressure on your implants or jaw. Stick to softer foods that you can nibble on or foods that dissolve in your mouth with ease. You can assist the healing process further by breaking up these foods as much as possible with your fork before you begin to chew.

No Alcohol or Smoking

You will probably be on painkillers in the days following the procedure, and that means that it's a bad idea to consume alcohol during this time frame. Your dental implant surgeon will also tell you to stop smoking for a week or more, as the chemicals in cigarettes and other tobacco products can cause a problem for your still-healing mouth. Look at the bright side though, if you've been meaning to cut back on your drinking or smoking anyway, this might be a good time to give quitting a try since you will have to stop for at least a little bit anyway.

Don't Suck on Any Straws

As your jawbone heals from the surgery, your tissue will slowly begin to stop bleeding and settle into place. Any type of pressure inside your mouth could pull this vulnerable tissue away from the site of the surgery and cause you to start bleeding again. Sucking on a straw creates pressure inside your mouth, so drink directly out of a glass in the first few days following the surgery until you can tell that the bleeding is completely gone.

For more tips following your dental implants procedure, talk to your dental cosmetic surgeon today