What Is The Best Age For Braces?

Posted on: 11 December 2018

If you are curious to know when the best age is for braces, you will likely hear that there really is no perfect age. It varies from person to person, and it highly depends on the person's teeth. In some cases, starting orthodontic treatment is best before permanent teeth come in, but there are other times when age really does not matter. Here are some of the factors that can affect the timing that is right for a person to get braces.

The severity of the teeth

One of the biggest factors with the timing in which to start braces is the severity of a person's teeth. There are times when kids are born with small palates or misaligned jaws, and these situations often require starting some form of orthodontic treatment at the age of six or seven, before the child loses his or her primary teeth. In most cases, though, braces are not usually placed on a person's teeth until most of the primary teeth have been replaced with permanent teeth. This is often around the age of 13 or 14, but it can be a little earlier or later than this.

The age of the person

It's also important to understand that a person's age does play a role in the timing of getting braces or the effectiveness of the braces. When a person has misaligned teeth but no major jaw problems or issues with overcrowding, having the person get braces during the teen years is typically the best option. During the teen years, the person's jaw is still growing and forming, and this makes it easier for braces to shift teeth and correct bite issues. People who are adults, though, can also experience effective results from braces; however, it may take a little longer for this to happen, simply because the jawbones in adults are already completely formed and may be harder to move.

Other important things to know

Braces are extremely helpful for straightening teeth, but they are also useful in correcting bite issues. If a person has any problem with his or her bite, an orthodontist might be able to help. Each case is unique in its own way and will require a customized plan fit only for that person.

These are several important things you should know if you or your child need braces. To learn more about orthodontics, contact a cosmetic dentistry clinic in your city today.