3 Ways Seniors Can Benefit From Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on: 7 October 2016

If you are a senior, you may think of cosmetic dentistry as various treatments reserved for younger patients. However, cosmetic dentistry serves many purposes that can improve your quality of life at any age. If your teeth are beginning to weaken and shift with age, you should consider some of the many benefits that cosmetic dentistry can offer you. 

A More Youthful Facial Structure 

When teeth fall out or are removed, the bone structure in your jaw will slowly deteriorate, causing a sunken, hollow appearance in your cheeks. However, using dental implants as opposed to dentures or bridges can help maintain your bone structure, giving you a more youthful appearance. Even in less extreme cases, your teeth may become worn down while you age, causing your lips to lose support. Veneers can be used to help boost the fullness of your lips, keeping your skin around your mouth taut and youthful. 

Less Sensitive Teeth 

As you age, you will likely lose your enamel on your teeth due to over brushing, age, and other factors. This can make your teeth sensitive and uncomfortable. Besides making your teeth look even and full, veneers or caps can also reduce the sensitivity that you experience by providing an extra protective layer between the dentin of your tooth and exterior stimuli. However, if sensitivity is an issue, you may want to avoid other cosmetic treatments such as aggressive whitening. An aesthetic dentist can help you decide which procedures will improve your appearance while also preserving your tooth function. 

Better Tooth Function

Over time, your teeth will be worn down through everyday use. This may not only make them appear short, crooked, or uneven, but may also negatively impact your ability to bite and chew. Most cosmetic restorations such as veneers and caps will not only improve your appearance but will also help improve the function of your teeth. This may let you enjoy a more diverse diet and eat with less difficulty as you age. 

Cosmetic dentistry is not a practice for only the young. In many cases, restoring the appearance of your teeth to what it was when you were younger will also help improve the function and health of your teeth. This can help you preserve your natural teeth longer while helping you keep a youthful appearance. If you think you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry, you should talk to a dentist in your area.