New Braces: 4 Rubber Band Color Options To Help Match Classic Halloween Costumes

Posted on: 31 August 2016

As children prepare to get braces for the first time, they often consider how the designs and features will look for different events and holidays. If the new braces are being placed in the mouth around October, then the child will likely consider how the braces will blend into Halloween costumes. By communicating with an orthodontist, your child can plan out themed rubber bands to go on teeth just in time for Halloween. There are a number of color combinations and designs that can help match classic Halloween costumes. Browse through the following four classic costumes and ways to use rubber bands for braces to help add to the costume design.

Vampire Costumes

If your child is dressing up like a vampire, then there are numerous rubber band colors to help match with the costume. One of the more basic rubber band options is a pure red design. Bright red rubber bands can be used to represent the blood in a vampire's mouth. Your child could also mix in different shades of red to make it look like different forms of blood. Vampires are also known for their love of dark colors like black. A child can use black rubber bands to create a unique look to their smile.


A robot is a classic costume and there are many different variations that your child can dress as. The robot look can be made more authentic with the use of metallic rubber bands on their braces. These rubber bands can feature either small pieces of glitter or a shiny metallic finish to them. Your child can choose a traditional color like metallic silver to represent the robot. Other metallic color designs include tints of red, green, or blue among others. An orthodontist can present your child with a color selection chart to help choose their favorite designs.


A child dressing up like an alien will want to look out of this world. This can happen with the use of glowing rubber bands. Glowing bands will illuminate the mouth at night while the child is going trick or treating. They also have the option of different glowing colors. A glowing green is a traditional alien color that will match a number of different costumes.


Even through braces are placed in to correct teeth, witches are known for their dirty and messed up teeth. Your child can duplicate this design by choosing a mixed of colored rubber bands. For example, green, brown, and yellow rubber bands can be randomly placed on the braces to imitate the look of a dirty witch mouth. The fun design is also great for zombie or monster costumes.

By planning appointments ahead of tie, you can ensure that the rubber bands are placed on in time for Halloween. For more information, contact a business such as Orthodontic Associates.