Orthodontic Pain ~ Super Easy Ways To Find Relief

Posted on: 16 May 2016

Are you experiencing oral discomfort due to new braces? Perhaps you need braces, but you are reluctant to get them due to stories of excruciating pain that you have heard from others. You can expect to experience some oral discomfort with braces when they are put into place or tightened; however, the sensation felt is more comparable to discomfort than pain. It is also something that should dissipate, so you should not expect every day in braces to be painful. The discomfort that people feel is sometimes the result of their mouths needing to get used to wearing the braces. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to find relief while your mouth is adjusting.

Drink cold water.

This is a way to provide a direct numbing sensation to your mouth. This may be ideal if you prefer not to use a topical, medicated numbing agent.  You should aim to have the water cold enough to lessen discomfort in a similar manner that an ice pack would work if placed on a sore area of your body. If you have discomfort in your cheeks or lips, placing an ice pack on those areas can help to numb them. 

Use orthodontic-grade wax.

Some orthodontists provide orthodontic wax, and others might issue patients with a sample to get them started. This type of wax is designed to provide a barrier between delicate mouth surfaces and braces. The wax might provide excellent relief if your discomfort is related to mouth sores or wires rubbing against your cheeks, lips or gums. 

Rinse and chew more.

Salt water rinses can provide comfort to areas that are sore due to abrasions and gently clean them. Use sea salt and warm water. You can rinse your entire mouth, but ensure you place emphasis on areas where the discomfort is most obvious. 

Chewing might be the last thing you want to do when you have orthodontic discomfort. However, this action will get your mouth acquainted with having the braces in place and moving. The act of chewing may also encourage blood flow into your mouth area, which can aid in healing. If you are planning to do a salt water rinse, eat something or mimic chewing. Rinse your mouth when you are done. 

If you experience severe pain that lasts for more than a week, an orthodontist, such as Thomas H. Seal DDS, is the best resource to use. They are also ideal if you start to experience orthodontic pain that is not related to a recent visit. An orthodontist may be able to prescribe an alternate method of straightening your teeth if braces prove to be problematic, and they can determine whether unexplained reasons for discomfort are orthodontic emergencies.