Want A Job In Entertainment But Your Smile Is Scary? What To Know

Posted on: 16 March 2016

If you want to pursue a career in modeling, acting, and in the entertainment industry, but you have a smile that is filled with flaws, you want to get your teeth fixed before you start going to interviews. If you think you have the right look and personality, but your smile is holding you back, a cosmetic dentist can help.

The cosmetic dentist will have to examine the teeth and take some x-rays to determine what the best straightening options are. You'll want to consider the following possibilities.


Braces are one of the easiest ways to straighten the natural teeth in your mouth, and invisible braces will be a great option if you don't want people to see that you're making the effort to fix your smile. If a cosmetic dentist thinks that the teeth can be moved fairly quickly with the help of braces, keeping your natural teeth is the most practical option to get results.


Cosmetic dentists are experts at filing and shaping the teeth, so if your teeth are too long or if they are jagged, you might be interested in this option. The shaping will also help give the appearance that your teeth are in a straight perfect line, even if they are a bit uneven or if they are sized differently. Ask if filing can be a quick fix to the flaws.


Veneers will give you a new smile within just a few appointments. The dentist will size your teeth for the veneers, file your original teeth down, and then put the perfect veneers on. You can also replace teeth with permanent dental implants if your smile can't be fixed by porcelain veneers.


Even if it takes time to get the flaws fixed, the teeth can be whitened immediately. Your teeth have to be white if you are in front of a camera, and at the dental office you can get white teeth in about an hour.  If your teeth are white, people are less likely to be distracted by the other flaws, so make sure you have your teeth whitened regularly.

Being in front of a camera and in front of people leaves you at the mercy of criticism from many people, so make sure that your smile isn't something that they can talk about. Meet with a cosmetic dentist from a company like A Q Denture Services to see what you can do to help make your smile perfect now for your auditions or castings, and then figure out what the best long term or permanent treatment will be.