Should You Consider Laser Treatment For Your Gum Disease?

Posted on: 13 October 2015

If you have a good dentist, you've likely been warned about the dangers of gum disease multiple times throughout your life. But if you haven't heeded the warning, you may find yourself with a case of gingivitis or even periodontitis. If  you know that you have gum disease and you are in need of treatment, it may be possible to combat the problem with more frequent visits to the dentist for professional cleaning. But if the problem is more severe or you just don't want to wait very long to heal, a stronger treatment method may be desired. This is where laser gum treatment comes into play. Laser gum treatment can vaporize and completely remove some of the diseased gum tissue so that your mouth can begin to heal. Here are 3 reasons why laser gum treatment might be right for you.

Less Pain

When compared with other dental surgeries that use a dentist drill, laser surgery causes less pain. Not only will this help during and after the surgery, but you also may not need to use anesthesia. If you are someone who deals with a lot of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, laser treatment might be just the thing you need.

Stops the Bleeding Immediately

If your gums are bleeding badly because of the gum disease, you might not want to wait for them to heal on their own through regular daily care. When you use a laser to remove the diseased tissue, you will be able to give your mouth a fresh start right away. There will be no more getting the taste of blood in your mouth while eating or drinking. Laser treatment can also help seal deep pockets in your mouth that may have never fully healed through normal oral care.

Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Depending on how bad your gum disease is, traditional periodontal surgery may require multiple visits, as your dentist will not want to put you into too much pain throughout your entire mouth. If you have periodontal disease and not just gingivitis, you could have to go under the drill at least a few times before you are fully healed. Laser treatment can be much more efficient and allow the dentist to treat your entire mouth at once, as it will not cause as much pain or swelling as more traditional surgery options.

If your gum disease is getting bad, you need to take action quickly to take control of the situation. While it's possible to cure some gum disease through regular oral care, surgery might be a better option if you want to get things fixed quickly. Laser gum surgery has the advantage of not being especially painful, has a shorter recovery time than other oral surgery and is more efficient at stopping things like bleeding gums and loose teeth right away. Ask your dentist, one like Neu Family Dental Center, if laser gum treatment is right for you.