Major Dental Work And Recovery - Make Sure Your Teenager Is Prepared

Posted on: 3 June 2015

If your teenager will be having a dental procedure that could potentially keep them out of commission for a few days, help make this missed time as seamless as possible in all areas of their life. Here are three things that you can do as a parent to help your teen not fall behind in their academics and after school activities if they will be recovering from a dental procedure.

1. Check in With Your Teenager's School

Teenagers may let you know that they won't be missing anything critical, but it is a good idea to double check with their school. Your teenager might forget that there is a big exam or due date coming up, and you can work with your teen's school notifying them of dates your child will be out. Similarly, for after school competitions or events, make sure there isn't anything critical before scheduling a procedure. Be sure to get advice from your family dentist, such as, to see if a procedure can be put off or scheduled for a better time.

2. Bring Schoolwork to Your Teen

Depending on how your teen's recovery is going, you can receive assignments on their behalf from the school for them to work on at home. With the pressures of school these days it is so easy for teens to fall behind, and your child may not be able to afford missing out, and they might want to go back to school before they are recovered. I your teenager is home and able to do some assignments, you can have this available.

3. Get Documentation from the Dentist

Dental procedures and healing need to be taken just as seriously as all other medical procedures. If you are worried that your teen's school might minimize a dental procedure, be sure to source documentation from your family dentist. This can detail the appointment, the limitations of painkillers, and approximate healing time needed. This is also important to share with your teen, who might also try to minimize the procedure and want to get back out there for sports and activities.

Your teen will be going through a stressful time preparing for their dental procedure. Worrying about missing school and after school activities shouldn't be on their minds as well. Ease their worries and try your best to let your teen focus on the procedure at hand and healing, and make sure they understand that recovery time is a must.